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 BuBbAKLuTcH's App Team App

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PostSubject: BuBbAKLuTcH's App Team App   Wed 25 Dec 2013, 08:49

Minecraft Username:


Skype Username:


Forum Name:




Times I’m usually on Weekly:

3:30- 10:00p.m

3:30- 11:00p.m

3:30- 2:00a.m

10:00 - 3:00a.m

11:00 - 2:30a.m

10:00 - 10:00p.m

Do you fully understand the server rules?:

Yes, I do

Have you ever been previously banned or received a warning status In Game, or on the Forums?:


Why do you want to join the Application Team?:

There are many reasons why I would like to join the application team. Starting with one is the fact that I love to read through players applications. Another reason is that I like to do as much as I can to help, and/or improve this server and community. I would like to accept people that can enhance this server Roleplay. Of course another reason is the fact that it sounds really fun to do. I am also on the server, and the forums everyday so there will be no wait for people eager to join this great server.

Why do you feel you should be allowed to join the Application Team?:

I feel I should have the privilege of being able to accept/deny new players into the server. I feel I am a very hard worker, and I am constantly on the forums so there would be no waiting for the applicants. I remember when I first applied, and I was too anxious for someone to review my app, and I don't want the applicants to be as anxious/excited. I feel that I would be a great addition, because of my hard work alone. I am a hard worker on, and outside the server.

Do you feel you could perform your work professionally and effectively?:

Yes I work my hardest at anything I do. I never had anything handed down to me. I have always worked for everything I have. Whether it was on the server, or not. I feel that this is a new addition for me on the server, to start giving back and working to give the players what they gave me. I plan on working hard, professionally, and effectively because that's what I do. I like to work hard with everything I put my mind to, and that's what I plan on doing while as an App Team Member.

What do you feel are the five most important parts of a server application, and why?:


The biography is one of the key aspects to the applicants application. It should be well written with exceptional grammar. The biography should be realistic, creative, and very enjoyable. I enjoy reading biographies the most, but I am very picky when it comes to them. I don't very much enjoy when they include the character as being too powerful or including things that are impossible to happen. That's why I believe they should be realistic as well. They should also be very enjoyable to ready it should catch the readers attention when reading it. It should pull the reader into the biography. While it shows these aspects it should also show another. Which is honesty. I believe honesty is another big part of the biography because it shows that the applicant's maturity to the server. If they stole it from another members application if they didn't, if they actually put the time and effort in to it. To me it shows if the applicant is really worthy enough to be apart of the marvelous server of ours. The last part of the biography that I think is important is creativity. Creativity is important because it puts together the applicants whole character. Their character is who they are going to be playing as, and they want to put in the effort for that if it is important. Creativity is the characters past, present, and future. The applicant would want to make their character's past, present, and future as creative as possible.

Lore Knowledge

The applicants before filling out their applications should read the Lore. Although the majority of new applicants don't read the Lore. I believe they should. I think it would give them a better understanding about the server. It would help them get a better start on the server. Especially if the have never Role played before or ever. The Lore is a very useful guide for the newcomers and really helped me out when I first joined the server. When I first joined I wasn't that great at Role playing but after I read the Lore prior of filling out my application it managed to help me get accepted with only filling out one application. Not only is the Lore useful to newcomers I also believe that it is very enjoyable to read since it takes awhile waiting there to get accepted than the applicant should read some Lore. Or maybe write some of their own. The Knowledge of the Lore really helped me out when filling out my application so that's why I believe it is important for newcomers to read it prior to filling out their applications.

Time and Effort
The applicant should put in as much time and effort as needed to be accepted. Anyone can tell if the applicant just rushed right through his/her application or not. A nice well put application with time and effort. Will help the applicant with determination. An applicant with determination brings a more positive attitude towards his/her whole application. Of course knowing if the applicant did or did not put in the time and effort into the application. As in they could fill out their biography, and put their character as a 250 year old Fire Bender. Which is extremely unrealistic since people can’t live that long. Another are simple one sentence questions-to-questions that can be answered with paragraphs. The applicant shouldn't put one sentence answers for every question on the application or they might not get accepted. The applicant must remember how important it is to take the time and effort into their application. If they get writers block than they really shouldn't be shy to ask another member of the community or to go and look onto the Lore.


Of course the applicant should know these two definitions while filling out their application. If not than they need to learn them. Knowing them is key to being on AvatarRp because if these two rules are broken the consequences can result in a temp ban or worse a Perma ban. I'll admit I didn't know what these words knew when I first joined the server since there was no section for it. Although since I did read through applications over time these two words caught my eye one day when I was looking at a members application. After that I did a little research on the words and did find out what they meant. I do believe that the applicants MUST know these definitions before being able to join AvatarRp. Since if they do not know what they are and they do Metagame or Powergame then it can really lead to some extreme consequences. Also the applicant might plagiarize their definitions by taking them from another members application which is harsh. If their are going to steal something from another member's hard work than they shouldn't be welcome into our great family. It isn't often where you come across an applicant that just copy, and pastes their definition's straight from Wikipedia which is just sad. If they aren't going to try than they shouldn't be welcome.

Server and Forum Rules

Doesn't matter if it is on the forums or if it is on the server everybody has to to follow and know the rules. The applicant by filling out the application should agree to follow every rule to the server and forums and if not there is a place for people like that, and it is called the ban hammer. I personally don't understand why people bypass reading server rules before playing on servers acting as if they are not important they are in place for a reason. There is a reason why players can't go running around in a random naked person skin and play as a Wood Elf. That is why these certain rules are in place to keep the balance in the server. You know who has read the rules and who hasn't. A player who has read the rules should know not to run around and grief or kill other players with out a VA. Applicant's that don't read the server rules I believe are not welcome into our great server/family I like to call it.

~ Lead GM Head of the APP Team & GM Team ~

Contact me if you have any issues.
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PostSubject: Re: BuBbAKLuTcH's App Team App   Fri 27 Dec 2013, 21:56


To anyone wanting to make any forum mod/app team mod application use this as an example.

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BuBbAKLuTcH's App Team App
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