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 Chief Cade Aratom

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PostSubject: Chief Cade Aratom   Tue 10 Jul 2012, 12:25

I am Chief Cade Aratom of the Southern Water Tribe and I am 29 years old, being the youngest water chief ever in history and here is how I have come to this point.

It all began during the invasion. The horror, the obstructed scenery, all had been the works of the Equalisers.
It began on a normal day like ever, my father leading the tribe just as any day before. My mother was tending to the lifestock and my sister was practicing water bending with my gradmother at the agora. Nobody had a clue what was soon to happen. All of the sudden, BOOM! the city walls fell to the ground splitering ice into shards and sent them flying in all directions. We all stood in awe as we saw the Equalists marching throught the ruins of the wall, they were weilding flamethrowers and we new this couldn't be good. Once reality caught up with us, we ran for our lives. My mother, sister, and I ran into our igloo baricading the door behind us.

We sat in that spot for hours untill we heard the sound of soldiers leaving the area. When we walked out of our hiding grounds, we saw the damage the tribe had faced. The agora was destroyed, houses were burning, and all was silent. There wasn't a sign of anybody. 8 years later, my father, grandmother, and the missing townspeople still haven't returned. My uncle took control over the tribe, but he was growing sick. He was the last male in our whole family, besides me, that was still alive. He eventually died a painfull death from a disease carried over by rats from the invading soldiers and I knew what I had to do and that was to protect my tribe and all that are in it, in that is the beginning of my chapter in life.

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Chief Cade Aratom
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