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 Darkgod153's Application

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PostSubject: Darkgod153's Application   Sun 08 Jul 2012, 21:07

Minecraft Account Name: darkgod153

How old are you?: 16

Time-Zone/Country of Residence: Central Time/United States

What do you know about Roleplaying?: Give a definition of what it means to you: Roleplaying is when u put your self in another persons shoes for a moment and experience how they feel Virtually.

In your own Words, define what the act of Meta-Gaming is: Is basically defines knowledge your player doesn't have for example. say some one said to another i have the best armor ever and you tell that person if u can the the best armor ever but you don't have knowledge of it.

In your own Words, define what the act of Power-Gaming is: Saying/doing something (that would be impossible) to gain power over the other person.

Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?: Yes, Sir

Do you promise to abide by said rules, This includes the Server, and Forums: I darkgod153, promise to abide by the said rules, including server, and forums rules.

How much do you know about the Avatar Series?: I know alot about the Avatar series i have watches the series sinced it premiered and i stayed till the end and ever since it ended i have watched the whole series over once every year. I also am a fan of the series of The Legend of Korra, and as a big fan i have also finished the first season of the show.

What is your characters name,and age?: Xanxth, 19

What nation is your character apart of?: Air Nation

Biography (Please make this at least 2 paragraphs long. This must include the history of your character and his life as well as age, appearance and personality, etc.): I am a Xanxth Lee from the air temple i my father was a Monk but my mother was a non-bender they fell in love when they met in Ba Sing Se. They met in a tea shop one night. They fell in love at first sight. Then after 2 years of dating they Married. After 9 months Xanxth Lee was born.Sadly my mother died giving birth to me and i was left alone with my father. I was born and raised in the southern Air Temple. Where i learned to air bend. My father said i was a natural but i really didn't see it. Everybody said that i was so good but i couldn't even make a puff of air till i was like 8. Becoming 8 was the hardest year of my life. My father died right before My turning of 8 so i was very depressed on my birthday. After that i was never the same. My life had no more joy in it for a very long time .
Then one day i wanted to visit some old friends in Ba Sing Se.Then I met this strange man at the age of 18 Named Bushi Kasori he was a great tea shop owner and made the greatest tea in all of Ba Sing Se. I went there every day after I arrived. He reminded me of my father. I after about 1 or 2 months i left Ba Sing Se and returned to the Southern Air Temple and by that time i was already 19. I was then told to Return to the tea shop and as a adult with a good personality and a caring heart and an obeying heart i left to head back to Ba Sing Se. When i arrived Bushi was waiting for me but something was wrong... HE WAS WEARING MY FATHERS CLOTHS!!! I became enraged the moment i saw him but all he said was " i am your father".
I fell in shock and then yelled "NO YOUR NOT HE DIED WHEN I WAS ONLY A BOY". Then it wasn't until when he showed me his air-bending skilled and showed me his passport and my pictures as a young boy that i believed him. Me and him spoke about the reasons why he had to leave and why i never knew. I then stayed to live with him as he trained me air-bending in secret. After a couple of months we moved back to the Southern Air Temple. That is our permanent home...

Insert and image of your minecraft skin here! (A ssreen shot in F5 mode NOT the actaual skin!): [img][/img]
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PostSubject: Re: Darkgod153's Application   Thu 12 Jul 2012, 21:50


You will be white listed when the server goes live.

~ Lead GM Head of the APP Team & GM Team ~

Contact me if you have any issues.
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Darkgod153's Application
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