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 Don't Place Blame On Others

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PostSubject: Don't Place Blame On Others   Tue 01 May 2012, 14:05

You've seen it, even people who haven't been banned. The first thing to come out of a banned persons mouth is someone else did the crime but they are paying the time. Typical right? People seeming to thinking that its fine to let others play on your account with you hold to a value of some kind. First red flag just went up for me. You let others meddle around with someone you couldn't stand to lose or have banned? Another thing, people saying this usually confess later that it was all them, they just wanted to get away with it. That's another big no. Lying to GM's about a situation like this will just put you into more trouble. Final thing I will add. This is a serious thing to be banned on a server of this caliber. The best thing you can do is fess up to your crimes and take responsibility. Not put the blame on another. That's all, but next time think before you post and blame another.

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Don't Place Blame On Others
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