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 Firelord Luzcifer

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PostSubject: Firelord Luzcifer   Sat 07 Jul 2012, 12:44

All heil Firelord Luzcifer, ruler of the great and ever powerful Firenation. Being the head of the royal family, Firelord Luzcifer is one of the most poten and skilled Firebenders in the world. Unlike most Firebenders, the current Firelord has learned his bending from the last remaining dragons, making his bending even more powerful than that of an ordinary Fire bender.

The Firenation places great emphasis on respect and honor, and as a young firenation citizen will go through his military training he will learn to respect the royal family as well as his elders. The Firenation Military trains both bender and non benders in training camps around the country. Apart from having footsoldiers there is also a large naval force consisitng of coal-powered ironclad warships.

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Firelord Luzcifer
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