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 The Air Nomads

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PostSubject: The Air Nomads   Sat 07 Jul 2012, 12:39

Everyone knows of the Horrific genocide in which the Fire Nation posed on the Air Nomads, But thankfully due to Tenzin and Air temple island There has been a lot of progress with training monks to air bend. All monks are free in there mind and spirit, therefore find it easy to adapt to learning the power of the Air. The martial are Ba Gua assist them in mastering the air, as it consists of circular movements and continuous flowing actions. Finally Tenzin made a break through and began to train the monks, and after he had thaught the first subjects the element he was able for the offspring to be born with the spiritual influence and ability to learn Air Bending.

Monk Proxima has been able direct where the new air benders will be living, as back before the genocide it was divided. The Air Nomads train their young from birth, the females are trained in the Eastern and Western Temples , and the males in the Northern and Southern Temples.

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The Air Nomads
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