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 Monk Proxima

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PostSubject: Monk Proxima   Sat 07 Jul 2012, 12:27

Monk Proxima, is the Head monk councillor of the Air nomads. Proxima, Meaning nearest to a godly spirit. He is the Head monk councillor of the Air nomads and he is also part of the republic council and contributes to how the world is lead. He looks about middle aged but his looks are deceiving as legend has it he is ancient. Proxima is an Air bending master there fore he has his tattoos and also engraved in his tattoos is the symbols 風脅功師 (fēng xié gōng shī) which translates as "Wind-Coercing Master". Monk Proxima Has very little possessions as he believes in detaching him self from everything, except friend ship. He believes in freedom as he never stays in the same place for too long. He loves exploring nature and helping anyone in need. Unlike the old Air Nomads that prefer not to get involved in other worldly concerns, Proxima has a duty to influence the worlds balance by being in the republic council. Legend has it Monk Proxima is said to be one of the first Air benders and learned his ability from the sky bison making him one of the most powerful Air benders in the world. Legend also has it that during the Century long war Proxima escaped by jumping through into the spirit world. He is all knowing and a very wise man, but has grown tired in his old age.

All Air Nomads are Air benders due to the high spiritual influence. The Air Nomads train their young from birth, the females are trained in the Eastern and Western Temples , and the males in the Northern and Southern Temples. An airbender never seeks a fight, and they never seek to strike an opponent directly. Air bending is based on the Ba Gua style of martial arts.

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Monk Proxima
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