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 Ban Report Rules

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PostSubject: Ban Report Rules   Tue 01 May 2012, 13:47

Ban reports are made for GMs to assist players with in-game conflicts that cannot be fixed in role-play. To find either a compromise for the situation or an action towards players to be banned in different degree's. If you have a problematic situation please, use the format below to file a ban report on a player. For all others, whom are reading ban reports. Gm's are here to help and usually find a compromise to fix the situation.

1. If you were not part of the situation then do not post. This only creates spam for the GMs to read that has nothing to do with the situation. You may feel like you're helping, but you only create more for GM/FMs to read when they are working to find a possible compromise.

Quote :
You must list somebody explicitly in your ban report for them to be eligible to post without warning. For those of you who were there, and wish to post, pm the OP and request your name be listed on the report.

Please do not post unless you were included as /people involved/. Contact a person with rights to the thread if you wish to contribute.

2. Trolling will no longer be tolerated on ban reports. Either actions increase your warn status or banned depending on the degree of your action.

3. The new Strike Reports section is a sub-forum of the Ban Reports section; therefore, all previous stated rules are still in effect for the Strike Reports section. Stating that you didn't know the same rules applied is no longer an excuse.

All Rules will be enforced. 1 warning for first action.

Format for posting a Ban Report:

[b]Person Reported:[/b]

[b]People Involved:[/b]


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Ban Report Rules
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