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 TeemuStew's Application

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PostSubject: TeemuStew's Application   Fri 29 Jun 2012, 09:31

Minecraft Account Name: TeemuStew

How old are you?: 14

Time-Zone/Country of Residence: Eastern European Summer Time / Finland

What do you know about Roleplaying? Give a definition of what it means to you: RolePlaying means acting or do anything you couldn't do in real life.

In your own Words, define what the act of Meta-Gaming is: Meta-Gaming is like: a random player is in a room with solid walls that no one can hear through and he says " I killed (someones) brother.. and than you say you killed my brother! even though you couldn't have known and if you know said for example: " I'm going to kill that player Example123, and the Example123 is very cautious and doesn't interact with the player that is going to kill him. ".

In your own Words, define what the act of Power-Gaming is: Example of Power gaming:You are arrested and you suddenly say that you break free and run away even though you have nothing to unlock it with.

Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?: Yes

Do you promise to abide by said rules, This includes the Server, and Forums: Yes

How much do you know about the Avatar Series?: I am a huge fan of Avatar TLA, I've got my private server with my friends that haves the Avatar plugin.

What is your characters name,and age?: Jacob, age 16

What nation is your character apart of?: The earth nation

Biography (Please make this at least 2 paragraphs long. This must include the history of your character and his life as well as age, appearance and personality, etc.):Biography (Please make this at least 2 paragraphs long. This must include the history of your character and his life as well as age, appearance and personality, etc.): Jacob was a happy, living with his parents untill bandits attacked the family on the way to a other town.

Jacob woke up 3 hours later with his mother gone and father dead in the ground, Jacob crawled and hugged his father till he fell asleep. Early in the morning two men saw him and his father, the men took Jacob and his father to an old forest and buried Jacobs father. Jacob watched his dead father, took his hand against Jacobs cheek and said: " I will find mom .. ". The two men took Jacob to their village and in age 16, Jacob left them and since then he haven't trusted any other human being again. Jacob is currently travelling and trying to find a town that he can live in.

Insert and image of your minecraft skin here! (A ssreen shot in F5 mode NOT the actaual skin!):

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PostSubject: Re: TeemuStew's Application   Thu 12 Jul 2012, 21:43


A nice Application but..

You need some Lore in your bio, and more details about your character.

I would like some back story on your character as well.

Your Meta-gaming, and Power-gaming definitions are more of examples, please change that a bit.

You may re-apply when these are fixed.

Moved to Denied Forum

~ Lead GM Head of the APP Team & GM Team ~

Contact me if you have any issues.
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TeemuStew's Application
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