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 Official | AvatarRP: Villian Application Formats (Updated)

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PostSubject: Official | AvatarRP: Villian Application Formats (Updated)   Tue 19 Jun 2012, 08:45

Section #1 Team members

1. Only members of the Villain Application Team may accept villains.

1a. Those mentioned above do not need Villain Applications to conduct in reasonably appropriate villainous activity.

2. The Villain Application Team will accept applications based on your application, and the lore behind the server and your OOC behavior as a whole. If you feel you were wronged in the decision, message one of the current team leaders.

3. Any GM has the right to revoke your villain app, as well as a VAT member who has received the approval of a GM.

4. The rules for villains may be changed by any admin, myself, or a group vote of the Villain Application Team.
Quote :
The following are currently members of the Villain App Team, even if their group says differently:

  • Team Leader BuBbAKLuTcH

Section #2 The Application

1. Each Villain Application give privileges to the Character, not the Player/Account. Any subsequent characters will have to submit a Character Villain Application in order to continue with any villainous activities on new characters.

2. An Application for any specific character can be submitted a maximum of three times; This being said, please seriously consider your application before resubmitting.

2a. You must wait at least two days after a denial to repost an application. This is 48 hours exactly, so say you are denied at 07:30, you cannot post again at say 05:30.

2b. If you repost a denied application within two days, you may be blacklisted.

2c. After your third denial you must wait one months time before being able to try again for another to obtain a VA. After said month you may try another three times. This gives room for character development, and better understanding of your character.

3. If you are evil in an unpermitted way, or if your in-game actions differ too much from your original bio and motives, there will be consequences based on how serious the offense was (ranging from a warning to removal of villain application to temp ban). Write your application with this in mind.

4. The appropriate questions must be filled out depending on the evils/tiers (WIP) that you would like to be able to roleplay in game. There will be more specific directions on the application that should be followed as well.

5a. The Villain App Team will only answer the most basic questions as to why your application may have been denied; We want to see how well you make an application, not how well you listen to us revising it for you.

5b. If you have any questions as to why your VA was denied. You need to PM the VAT member that denied you. They for one know why they denied you, another VAT member may or may not know. Also it is unfair for you to go and ask another VAT member why you were denied, as they now have to read it. Each VAT member views an app differently, so what one VAT member denied you for, another may not have, but denied you for a completely different reason. Thus making it more of a problem in the first place. Going to another VAT member with questions of your denial when they were not your denier will be considered VAT shopping and may warrant you into a 1-3 month blacklist. The only time it will be acceptable for you to PM another VAT member, will be if the VAT member in question is no longer on the team. If their inbox is full leave a message on there profile stating you wish to speak to them. But even then most are on TS quite often.

6. You may only apply for a Villain Application after one week of implementation to the server.

7. Knowingly or unknowingly plagiarizing any application, in part, or in full, will result in a forum ban.

8. Posting 'Work in progress' apps will count for TWO denied applications, as there are many to get to, and it takes away from our time. Keep this in mind before posting.

9. Even though you request a certain VAT member, does not mean you will get them. We will try to accomodate your request, but cannot guarantee it.

10. Do not post a VA in any colors besides the given colors on the app(AKA don't change anything). Changing the color of key words is acceptable however. Posting an app in a different color shall be denied on sight. If your color coding breaks, make sure to mention it at the top of your app or in the 'note to VAT' section of the app. Make it noticeable so the VATs can know you've read this and the rest of the rules!

Section #3 In Game

1. As mentioned before, your actions should never stray to far from the general characteristics that you described in your application.

2. Being a Villain does not give you permission to have lacking roleplay when committing crimes. Any kills where you do not roleplay sufficiently, do not give time for the foe to respond, or abuse mechanics in any way, there will be consequences.

*Note: This is subjective, and it is the right of the GM to determine. One liners before attacking will rarely be counted as adequate RP.

3. Villain applications do not allow players to cause other players to do villainous acts. Make sure the person you are tempting to evil has a villain application. If they do not, YOU, the application writer, may be held responsible.

*Note: With GM approval, a player may commit villainious actions (and conduct other players into doing villainous acts) for a limited amount of time, without a Villain Application.

4. Villains must make it clear that they are not truly a guard or other commonly named position if trying to falsify an identity. If attempting to falsify an identity and take up a mock 'position' of importance or value (such as a guard), it must be made clear that your name cannot simply be changed to perfectly emulate the role such as 'Guard_Jeff' and instead should be achieving the deception through RP and not simply a /setname change.

5. Villains are not return items upon killing someone, when asked. Especially if this person is threatening a ban report. Not only does it make absolutely no sense to return items in rp terms; but it ends up becoming an expectation that upon death, people will have their stuff reimbursed. There are exceptions; if you've killed someone who happens to be carrying their entire life savings on them, it is more fair to return a portion of it - but people carrying their live savings on them should hire guards or get into less trouble.

6. Your duty as a villain is to "provide" fun for other people through conflict. If you want to be a villain for your own little conquests, understand that you are not welcome. This includes being rational, and fair; and often, even giving the upper hand to the other party. If someone is uncomfortable with the situation you're putting them in, think of an alternate way of RPing it - or even just drop it and pretend it never happened.
- Please note this means if the villain is being too descriptive and you find it disturbing. You have the right to tell them so and they must comply and tone everything down. This does not mean if you are being murdered / robbed / tortured or whatever, you can just turn around and say I didn’t enjoy this, I am voiding it.

7. Lying is not a choose-able evil, therefore you do not need a VA to lie in character.

Section #4 Revoking

1. Revokes are handled slightly like ban reports, given time you can appeal for a chance to get your VA back. We will pm you when the time is appropriate for you to appeal, and with what we seek as your terms.

2. Please keep in mind we need your help with revokes. See someone powergame, break their VA contract, take a screen shot and PM it to a VAT member. Without screenshots we can not do anything as it is all hearsay.

3. Revokes are brought up in the VAT chat and you remain anonymous. We need your aid to make the necessary steps to revoke someone.

Application Details

Uncoded Application Format: [For viewing purposes ONLY, do not use this template when writing out your application]


MC Name:

Character Name:

Character Nation:

Have you read, and are familiar with all server rules and villain rules?

Are you sure?

Links to any previous villain applications (for reference):

What SPECIFIC evils does your character plan on committing? Please list the number of each Evil you would like to be considered for, and specifically when/why you need them:

Biography (Between 2-5 paragraphs. No walls of text, please):

Question Section - Answer with as much detail as necessary

Why does your character do what he/she does? What are his/her motives?

What moral boundaries does your character adhere to, if any?

What are some notable strengths and weaknesses of your character? What might cause him/her to falter? Include things such as temptations, addictions, physical handicaps, etc.

What role will your character play in The Avatar Universe? What separates them and makes them unique and original among villains?

Is your character loyal or a backstabber? Does he/she trust others in return?

Why do you as a player wish to and deserve to play a villain?

A middle aged man, a young wife, and a small male child are walking down the King’s Road together. The women walks with a long staff, and the man appears to have a scabbard at his side.

You hear knocking on your door and go to answer. It turns out to be an angry looking woman with a large Earthbender behind her. She is telling you that you owe taxes to King ___ and must pay within the fortday.

Sitting in a Bakery, you hear two men talking in hushed voices upstairs. Sneaking up the stairs, you see a man robed in black and a Warden. The man is revealing Bandit plans to a Warden. You can’t tell if the man in black is betraying the Bandits, or if it is vice-versa.

Two Guard tries to break up a fight between your acquaintance and Firebenders. Your friend slays one of the Guards as he approaches, causing the other Guard as well as the Firebender to unsheath their arms.

As you turn the corner into a dimly lit alley, a pair of young female Waterbender instantly run up to you. They are begging for a donation of either Yuans or food.
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Official | AvatarRP: Villian Application Formats (Updated)
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