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 Types of villians (Updated)

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PostSubject: Types of villians (Updated)   Wed 13 Jun 2012, 03:11

Types of Villains

1a thievery / cheating - Self explanatory. Cheating must not abuse game mechanics, you may not lie or cheat out of character. If it is required. it is up to the discretion of the GM overseeing the action, being based on the importance of the item.) (There is a limit on how much of a chest can be taken, it falling to 20% of the chest valuables. Also, you cannot take what your character couldn't realistically carry in a single trip. Do note that if a chest has 3 stacks of dirt and 1 stacks of iron, the rubbish in the chest does not give you permission to take the whole stack of iron. Moderation is key, and excessive stealing may lead to repercussion.)

1b lock-picking / breaking & entering (through doors/hatches) / jail-breaking - Lock-picking is done, /modreq, proper RP of lock-picking, and a successful roll of over 15 with a /roll 20. However a successful roll of over 17 would be required to break the lock. The GM will then poke in the chest and take some things and throw them to you. (Sidenote - GM's may throw in a bit of rp at you so provide a conflict of sorts, whether it be RP'ing as guards / animals. Also keep in mind it is encouraged to lockpick in a building that the owner is online, to give a chance of getting caught.)

1C - Arson / Destruction of Property- The act of lighting a building, tent, support, or whatever else makes logical sense, on fire with flint and steel or using your bending. Destroying the property of an individual, whether to use it as a entrance, to gain resources, or to cause chaos. (In the instance of destroying/burning a building, or for small or tasteful destruction, such as the vandalism of a gravestone, or destruction of a window, the amount of damage falls to the discretion of the GM overseeing it. Such thing as total burning down of a building should rarely happen.) The deliberate act of going someplace with intention of breaking belongings. Whether it be from item frames, signs, chairs, stairs, windows, etc.

2a .Murder Type A - Assassinations, Murdering when unprovoked, 2a is required to commit Armed Robbery. (Side note - You need this VA for killing with bending or weapons, you do not need a VA to hire an Assassin)

2b Murder Type B - Killing for pleasure, twisted ways of killing (weird fetishes, poison) through bending/weapons.

2c Torture, Kidnapping, Slaving - (Side note - You do not need 2c to own, purchase, or sell a slave. You do need it however to break it in.)

3 Cannibalism - Eating other sentient beings after their demise, a Minor VA is not required if your character is deceived or unaware of the origin of the meat. (Side Note- 2a and/or 2b is still required to kill/murder others, 2b + 3b is required to eat someone while they are alive)

4 Chaos / Deception / Conning - Purposefully creating chaos such as starting riots, rebellions, violent protests.(Sidenote - you can attend and participate in riots/rebellions/violent protests it is merely up to the lead instigator(s) to have a VA for this)

5 Psychopathy - Insanity, Split Personalities, Uncontrollable Actions (Side note - This means if you have a disorder that makes you act in a villainous way. Like say your calm one moment, and your disorder flairs up and you all of a sudden want to kill the closest person to you.)

6 Chi Blocker - A chi blocker will be a villain that has a goal to destroy benders as they are equalist's. They will be given the power called "Silence" which allows the villain to block the abilities and spells from benders. A chi blocker can be only a human

7 Blood Bender - Being a blood bender will be the hardest app and there will only be at the most of 2 blood benders in the server.
They will be able to control others movements, and take there life.
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Types of villians (Updated)
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