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 Forum Rules

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Head Administrator

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Mon 04 Jun 2012, 21:56

Basic forum Rules:

- Any content which is posted to solely insult, flame, harass or de-moralise other users will be subject to deletion            and mutes will be issued.
- Sexual content in posts are strictly prohibited. Children play this game!
- Racial discrimination is prohibited.
- Please don't use an excess amount of colours in your text.
- Posts with excess amounts of smiley or BB codes will be modified so they do not contain excess of either.
- Please don't resurrect threads that are months and months old.
- Please don't type whole sentences in Caps Lock.
- Don't mass post to get your post number up!
- Plagiarism is illegal, and will be a bannable offence. Especially when posting your Application.


- Images size must be under 256k, please.
- Images MUST be appropriate. Any Avatars which have / imply sexual, racial, demeaning content will be removed.
- GIF's are allowed; make sure they aren't too extreme though!


- Posting links to other sites which specifically involve other Minecraft servers is stricly prohibited.
- Any sexual, racial or 'Troll' content in your signatures will be removed.

Other Users:

- Treat other forum users with respect; we're the same community!
- Respect other User's opinions.
- A 'Troll' response will get deleted without prior warning.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your time on our forums!
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Forum Rules
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