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 Justin12121's Whitelist Application

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PostSubject: Justin12121's Whitelist Application   Sun 31 May 2015, 01:33

Minecraft Account Name:justin12121

How old are you?:16

Time-Zone/Country of Residence:Central/USA

What do you know about Roleplaying? Give a definition of what it means to you:pretending to be someone you are not or pretending to be a part of a fictional or nonfictional universe that you are not really a part of and staying in character

In your own Words, define what the act of Meta-Gaming is: using outside info to enhance your game or hinder other players with knowledge or skills you should not have

In your own Words, define what the act of Power-Gaming is: making your character unreasonably powerful or making him do things he or she would not actually be able to do if the situation was actually real

Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?:yep

Do you promise to abide by said rules, This includes the Server, and Forums:of course

How much do you know about  the Avatar Series?:watched and loved it all

What is your characters name,and age?:Bipin, 19

What nation is your character apart of?:Earth

Biography (Please make this at least 2 paragraphs long. This must include the history of your character and his life as well as age, appearance and personality, etc.):when Bipin was only a baby, he was found at the doorstep of a southern water tribe house, with no one knowing who left him there, raised as a member of the water tribe, it was soon discovered he had a knack for earthbending,and at a young age left to go to omashu to train and learn more about earthbending, and at the age of 18, he set out on his journey to find his parents and earn their respect and love he thinks he never had.
on his journeys throughout  the world he has visited many places for if earthbenders left him at the water tribe they could truly be anywhere. he has always been able to find shelter with country familys for helping them out, and has always lent a hand to those in need, above all he wants to find his parents and learn their story, why they left him, and earn their respect and love.
his personality is a hardworking, very stubborn man, but once you spend time with him he becomes very gentle and caring, he would do absolutely anything for a friend, and almost as much to a complete stranger, and he gets happiness from being useful.

Insert and image of your minecraft skin here! (A screen shot in F5 mode NOT the actual skin!):
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Justin12121's Whitelist Application
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