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 Taiuturo's whitelist app

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PostSubject: Taiuturo's whitelist app   Tue 03 Feb 2015, 06:30

My Minecraft account is mrmine999

I am 14

Eastern time, US

Roleplay is acting as made up characters and usually takes place in a fictional world

Powergaming is when one character is insanely powerful and can take on lots of firepower even though they are just one person.

Meta gaming is knowing something in real life but taking out a task and acting like something else in game.

I have read the rules

I will abide by all the rules

I have watched all of the avatar series and every episode in the legend of Korra till the end of book 3, I have also learned most of the lore of the water tribe on my friends old avatar rp server when I was water chief.

My RP character is 19 and is named Taiutoro

Taiutoro was born in the Northern Water tribe to a middle class merchant who's wife died giving birth to Taiutoro's  younger sister who had died a year later. When Taiutoro was 5 he figured out he had a gift for water bending and Progressed in his training until he was 15.  Once he thought he was ready he left the water tribe to test the skills of barter his father had taught him and become a merchant . After months of trading within the fire nation he left from Fire Fountain City to Ba sing se. On his way there he befriended a young girl named Haun who was very pleasant to look at and would have married her should the events to come not happened.  When night fell the waves rode the water at outrageously high heights, even though Taiutoro was a water bender he was not skilled enough to save anyone but himself and he knew it. the last he saw of the ship was the on the hull of the ship that said ''hagrendor" before he water spouted himself to land.
     After the events of the chaotic storm he awoke in a small village outside of gaoling and told his tale to the villagers after he did so he was told that the captain of the ship was the chieftains cousin and the captain was a traitor to the village who stole all the villages money and bought a ship, he was also told that the words on the hull were on his family's lucky amulet which was given to him by the chief for letting them know that vengeance was brought to his cousin.
    Once Taiutoro was back on his feet he decided to return home but not after training with the benders of the foggy swamp and sharpening his bending skills. Once he left all civilization his way home was an uneventful journey.  The time he reached home he realized that this  was the first time in 4 years he stepped foot in his true home and today was his nineteenth birthday. So he decided to visit his father who he heard had begun to live in one of the more prestigious districts so he found were his father was living and told him about his tale after that he became what he left to do. Become a merchant
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Taiuturo's whitelist app
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