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 burak1951's whitelist app

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PostSubject: burak1951's whitelist app   Sat 10 Jan 2015, 05:57

Minecraft Account Name: burak1951

How old are you?: 16

Time-Zone/Country of Residence: +2:00 GMT/Turkey

What do you know about Roleplaying? Give a definition of what it means to you: Roleplay is the enactment of characters in a certain setting that includes two or more people.

In your own Words, define what the act of Meta-Gaming is: Meta-gaming is using knowledge acquired via OOC means in IC. An example of this is calling someone by their character's name because they saw it on the person's nametag before hearing the name IC.

In your own Words, define what the act of Power-Gaming is: Power-gaming is imposing actions or subjecting someone to an action without consent through text.

Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?: Yes.

Do you promise to abide by said rules, This includes the Server, and Forums: Yes.

How much do you know about the Avatar Series?: I've watched both series twice so...

What is your characters name,and age?: Luca Céleste

What nation is your character apart of?: Northern Water Tribe (So water nation)

Biography: Almost two decades ago, the Céleste family lived comfortably, if not too much so, in the Southern Water Tribe. The parents had gotten quite rich running a tech company. They had one child on the way and a 6 year old daughter, Assan. Soon later, the second child was born, a boy that would receive the name Luca. The jade blue eyed boy was the first waterbender in the last two generations. Sadly, his parents wouldn’t be around for too long to see him and his sister grow.

Soon after Luca was born, his parents vanished without leaving a trace. They were never found, nor was there any result from the investigations. Thus, the new orphans were given to the care of a trusted servant of their family. Assan grew to be a calm and collected young girl in a few years, while Luca was more… destructive. As a child, he was quite reckless. While he played, ice sculptures worth hundreds of gold coins would turn into water in an instant, pouring down like the money would down a drain. He could never contain himself, always running around the house or playing with the snow and water outside. The closest person to him was always his sister, though she would often yell at him for damaging the house.
Being in the south pole, it was quite difficult to find a proper teacher, but one was found nonetheless to homeschool the brother and sister.

They both moved to Omashu along with the growing company which was trying to expand. This was around the time Luca turned 10, and the first time the two had left their homes. At that point, he hadn't any ornaments to turn to water, so he found new ways to play. This was the point he started reading more and more often. He became calmer and more docile as he read more. The kinds of books he read varied from fiction to scientific literature. The new worlds he discovered aroused the will to discover the one he was in. He became more attentive during his classes so he could get rid of them quickly to be free to do whatever he wanted, to go wherever he wanted.

By the time he turned 13, he was done with his mandatory courses. He packed some of the things he'd need on his adventure after his planned silent escape: notebook, pencils, a pouch filled with water and some of the money left to him by his parents. Before long, he vanished, starting his adventure from that young age.

He got his fair share of adventures... His first course of action was to get on a train to go to Omashu. Just as he got off the wagon at the stations, a few guards greeted the passengers. Luca squeezed out of the station quickly. He found himself at the walled city on the mountain. The first day was by far the most challenging. It was the first time he had to take care of himself. He considered going back several times but such cowardice would hardly be poetic. He walked into a hotel and rented a room, spending half of his money to stay in a luxurious room where he felt at home. He blew off the rest of his money the next day, buying souvenirs. Finding himself with no money and a hungry stomach, the boy didn’t eat for the entire day, for noblemen do not go begging; they steal. When the moon rose, Luca did what he did best: cause trouble. People had found their crops ripped from the soil and taken, their money grabbed from their homes.

Luca fled the scene of crime by morning, boarding the train to go to the next city. At one point throughout his adventures, he was even found out and detained for some time. He escaped and continued his journey from thereon, becoming more and more skilled at avoiding police officers and getting away with whatever he did. 3 years after his escape, he returned home, slightly matured. His sister had grown as well; she’d taken over the family business, had made it grow quite a bit. She could spare little time for her brother who had been gone for quite some time. Since the day he came back, Luca left Ba Sing Se for the first time, headed for the train station.

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burak1951's whitelist app
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