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 lordkerric's whitelist application

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PostSubject: lordkerric's whitelist application   Sun 17 Aug 2014, 16:23

Minecraft Account Name:

How old are you?:

Time-Zone/Country of Residence:

What do you know about Roleplaying? Give a definition of what it means to you:
You act (or "become" if you're that hardcore") an entirely different person, and living their life.

In your own Words, define what the act of Meta-Gaming is:
Knowing something that your character would not, i.e. a battle about to happen

In your own Words, define what the act of Power-Gaming is:
Being over powered in a role play environment, so nothing could happen to your character no matter what.

Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?:
Yes, sir!

Do you promise to abide by said rules, This includes the Server, and Forums:
I do.

How much do you know about  the Avatar Series?:
I know alot. I watched the original series, as well as what has been published of Legend of Korra.

What is your characters name,and age?:
Rexrick, 18 years of age

What nation is your character apart of?:
The Fire Nation

Biography (Please make this at least 2 paragraphs long. This must include the history of your character and his life as well as age, appearance and personality, etc.):
    Rexrick was born into a poor, but happy family. Most people felt nothing but happiness towards them. All, but one traveler just passing threw. He robbed the family and tried to burn their house down with fire bending. Rexrick's father fought back, eventually killing the man. But at a cost, Rexrick's mother died inside the burning house, and his father went into depression. Such a depression, that when Rexrick turned 17, he finished teaching Rexrick, and left by himself in the black of night. Rexrick learned the next day, packed his bag, syaed goodbye to the people of his village, and set off.
    Whilst he traveled, alot of things about him changed, along with the scenery. He has become a very patient and collected man, but he is not afraid to fight if anyone means him, or someone he is traveling with harm. His hair also changed from a like brown color, to a black color. He travels in Fire Nation clothes, to remind him of his home, and of his family. He is happy to finally be 18 and be a man, and he hopes to one day find his father, or found out what happened to him on his adventure.

Insert and image of your minecraft skin here! (A screen shot in F5 mode NOT the actaual skin!):
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PostSubject: Re: lordkerric's whitelist application   Sun 17 Aug 2014, 17:30


~ Lead GM Head of the APP Team & GM Team ~

Contact me if you have any issues.
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lordkerric's whitelist application
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