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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Sun 03 Jun 2012, 22:30

============================.:Basic Rules:.==============================

1) Respect all players and staff

You should already know this as it is common courtesy, to be polite and respectful to all people on the server expecially to the members of staff and donators.

2) No stealing

If you steel you will be causation, and then banned if it occurs again. If you want to steel and fight people on demand then you will have to apply to be a villian. you will still have to Rp when in the situation but you wont be able just to walk past someone and kill then.

3) No use of hacked clients, any illegal mods or abusing bugs/glitches e.g. Fly, xray, and duplucators

If you are found flying or speed hacking you will be instantly banned. if we see that you are gaining alot of materials and you are suspected to be using a n xray mod you will be removed and your permit will be taken from you. Don't abuse bugs/glitches in the game that make the game unfair for others.

4) No abusing gaming mechanics e.g. block jumping, mob spawner camping, etc.

No not use a block to get to a hard to reach place or dig out a block to get up on to another block. Explotation of mob spawners is highly illeagl.

5) Keep the server tidy

Please keep the server looking good and tidy, if you are given bulding perms then you should make sure it is neat at all time. if we think your building doesnt fit in RP or looks messy in any way it will be fixed.

6) Keep cursing to a minimum

When RPing you shouldnt really be swearing that much anyway.

Rp is very important to the server, and a breach in the chat or gaming will be taken with extreme seriousness!
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Basic Rules
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