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 White-List App.

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PostSubject: White-List App.   Sun 23 Feb 2014, 06:30

Minecraft Account Name: Riley_Unicorn
How old are you?: 16
Time-Zone/Country of Residence: AST, Canada
What do you know about Roleplaying? Give a definition of what it means to you: I have plenty of experience in Roleplay, as for I used to do so while playing World of Warcraft. In my opinion, Roleplaying is to pretend or to act, to be a fantasied character. Taking on the adventures and conflicts the character encounters.
In your own Words, define what the act of Meta-Gaming is: To me, Meta-Gaming is when players wish to contradict what other players are planning on doing, over a general chat, or OOC, to make themselves win whatever the event may be.
In your own Words, define what the act of Power-Gaming is: Power gaming, is when players say and do actions in which makes them seem like gods. That they cannot be defeated by anyone or anything no matter what advantage the opposing player(s) has/have.
Have you read, understood, and agreed to the rules?: Indeed I have; No foul language or offensive talk.
Do you promise to abide by said rules, This includes the Server, and Forums: Of course.
How much do you know about  the Avatar Series?: I have watched many episodes, but also the lastest version of, "Avatar, The Last Air Bender" multiple times.
What is your characters name,and age?: My character is Mizul, he is of the age 27.
What nation is your character apart of?: Mizul is a member of the Water Nation.
Biography: Mizul is an only child, of the age 27. He strives to stay alive and to protect his family from harm. With his water-bending abilities, he is able to give his family entertainment, fresh drinking water, but most importantly protection. Mizul longs to one day part ways from his loving parents and live a life on his own, with perhaps an accomplice.
Little does he know, that on his journey to be independent, he crosses paths with a tribe from the Water Nation. They offer him a placement in their barracks, and they make their way back to their fortress. Mizul, along with his fellow people go to war to protect what little they have of.
Insert and image of your minecraft skin here!: I hope this is good enough!

Thank you for your time! And have a pleasant day!
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PostSubject: Re: White-List App.   Sun 01 Jun 2014, 13:41

Under review as of 01/06/2014

"It's time for this world to end in fire, and a new one to be born from the ashes."- Fire Lord Ozai
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PostSubject: Re: White-List App.   Fri 04 Jul 2014, 13:10


~ Lead GM Head of the APP Team & GM Team ~

Contact me if you have any issues.
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PostSubject: Re: White-List App.   

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White-List App.
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