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 The Air Temples!

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PostSubject: The Air Temples!   Wed 29 Jan 2014, 12:57

I have found a flaw having to do with how the role-playing applications for the air benders,I was reading a bending app and after reading the app I soon realized that the male role-playing character was placed in a girl air temple. In Avatar The Last Airbender series the air temples were made to organize and separate the two sexes, male and female. The Northern and the Southern Air temples are where the males were taught in, Eastern and Western air temples are where the females are taught the air nomadic ways.Will someone be making a post telling all the corresponding males and females placed in the wrong air temple convert to the correct air temple? I don't mean to nag anyone or cause a distraction to you staff members but I find this most and utterly important to the role-playing world.

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The Air Temples!
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